Everything You Need to Know About the XTRAC Excimer Laser

Chronic skin disorders can be frustrating, with few treatment options and many that cause side effects or risks. The XTRAC Excimer Laser can be a more effective and safer treatment option for issues like psoriasis and eczema. Here are some need-to-know items about this laser treatment.

What is the Excimer Laser?

The Excimer Laser is a phototherapy treatment option which utilizes monochromatic UVB light to precisely target treatment areas while leaving healthy skin undamaged and unaffected. Compared to other options, the Excimer Laser system is highly customizable. This allows your treatment specialist to administer the precise level of UV wavelengths required to achieve your intended results and makes the treatment more versatile for a wider range of patients.

What Can the Excimer Laser Treat?

The Excimer Laser is useful for a range of chronic skin conditions. In particular, it is useful for conditions that are caused by abnormal or excess skin cell growth, especially in hard-to-treat areas. At the Fargo Center for Dermatology, we use the Excimer Laser to treat:

What is the Excimer Laser Procedure Like?

Excimer Laser treatments are pain-free and can be completed quickly. Prior to your treatment, it is important to avoid applying certain skincare products, particularly those that contain SPF. First, Dr. Ness will cover areas of your skin that fall outside of the treatment area. The UVB light can then be adjusted according to your skin type, symptoms, and other considerations. Next, the Excimer Laser can be passed over the treatment area. This process typically takes no more than about five minutes.

What Results Can I Expect from the Excimer Laser?

After a full course of Excimer Laser treatment, you can expect long-lasting relief from your symptoms. Most Excimer Laser patients will see improvement in their eczema or psoriasis which lasts for several months. Improvement in overall skin health and appearance can also be expected. For most patients, these results are seen after a series of ten to twelve treatments, which are typically scheduled twice or three times per week. Following this initial series, Dr. Ness will evaluate your results and recommend a long-term treatment plan.

Immediately after an Excimer Laser session, you may notice some minor side effects. Redness is common, and you should follow Dr. Ness’ advice regarding skincare both before and after treatment.

Is the Excimer Laser Safe?

The UVB light used in Excimer Laser treatment is highly controlled and customizable according to the treatment area and concerns. All healthy skin tissue is protected from the UVB rays, meaning that the treatment is safe overall. The treatment does not run common risks of other psoriasis or eczema treatments. Other options such as steroids or oral medications for these conditions run risks of liver damage, stretch marks, or thinning skin. The Excimer Laser does not cause these complications, making it a safer option for most patients.

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