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Blu-U® Light Treatment

Although many people struggle with acne during their teenage years, some adults still struggle with it for years beyond. It can seem like you’ve exhausted every option, and the fight against acne is an overwhelming one. One new treatment option is the Blu-U® Blue Light Photodynamic Therapy system.

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What is Blu-U Light Treatment?

The Blu-U Light Treatment system is a unique laser light treatment that offers a new way of controlling bacteria in the skin, commonly the P. acnes which is responsible for many types of acne. There are many ways of doing this, but it’s likely that you’ve tried a few different anti-acne methods and are unhappy with the treatments or results. This makes Blu-U a great option to supplement your at-home care without harsh chemicals or drying ingredients.

How Does Blu-U Light Treatment Work?

Blu-U is a form of photodynamic therapy (PDT) which uses light energy to control cell activity on the skin. Blu-U administers unique blue light as you sit with your face in front of a wraparound panel (with eye protection, of course). Over the course of a fifteen- to twenty-minute session, this blue light can effectively kill acne-causing bacteria, both reducing breakouts and preventing further acne.

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What Can Blu-U Light Treatment Treat?

Blu-U is an effective option for acne that is difficult to treat with other treatment options because of their side effects. If you’ve tried topical medications or antibiotics, then you know that these can take a toll on your body and your skin. Blu-U offers a painless, easy alternative that doesn’t dry your skin or cause discomfort. We often recommend a series of four to six treatments spaced about one month apart for best results, although Dr. Ness can create a customized treatment plan for your skin.

Blu-U Light Treatment Maintenance

Blu-U can be used along with your at-home regimen to help control bacteria and prevent further breakouts. There’s no downtime associated with this treatment and you can return to your regular activities immediately. During a consultation, Dr. Ness can recommend the right anti-acne products for you to ensure you get the best results out of your Blu-U treatment package.

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Acne can feel like an endless battle when it comes to finding the right products and treatments. To discuss your best options with Dr. Ness that won’t produce unwanted side effects, contact our Fargo office by calling or booking online.

Can blue light damage your skin?

Blue light therapy is a painless, noninvasive procedure used to treat certain skin concerns as recommended by your dermatologist. Blue light therapy becomes photodynamic therapy when it uses a combination of photosensitizing (or light-sensitive) medications and a high-intensity light source to activate that medication. The light used is a natural violet or blue light, and is considered to be an alternative treatment.

Does light therapy help anxiety?

Light therapy is used in aesthetics for treatment of bacteria, and various skin concerns.

Can you use retinol with LED lights?

While both retinol and LED lights are beneficial for skin when used as advised, we do not recommend using a retinol immediately before an LED treatment, as retinols make individuals more sensitive to light. We suggest you use retinol after a light treatment.



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