FD Signature Facial

Send yourself into full relaxation mode with our FD Signature Facial. Our professionally trained staff are here to provide you with glowing, firm, and hydrated skin. Our FD Signature Facial is a great option for those looking to be pampered while taking their skin to the next level.

What is the FD Signature Facial?

This 50-minute facial is a relaxing experience tailored to your specific skin care needs. Your facial begins with cleansing and exfoliation of the skin, followed by a steam treatment to help deep clean pores and release toxins from the skin. This service wouldn’t be complete without a facial + neck massage, putting you into that relaxation trance. A soothing mask, selected specifically for your skin type is then applied. Products applied during your treatment are customized to you and your skin type. The last step is of course always SPF, also personalized to you and your skin.

FD Signature Facial Maintenance

Regular facials will help you maintain optimal skin health. They provide deep(er) exfoliation than you can achieve at home. Exfoliation smoothes skin, allows for great penetration of products, unclogs pores, improves skin ability to retain hydration, and evens skin tone. Facials can also help slow the aging process. They allow your skin to feel healthier, smoother, and look more radiant. Facials reduce fine lines, age spots, and relieve dehydrated skin. Dr. Ness also has many medical-grade skincare products, like her very own dr. rachel ness line or ZO® Skin Health, to pair well with your routine facials and help keep your skin clear.

Reserve Your Spot

If you are looking to pamper your skin or need to book your next routine FD Signature Facial, contact Fargo Center for Dermatology to reserve your spot on our schedule now. Call or schedule online!



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