• Narrow bands that are red, purple, or darkly- or lightly-pigmented
  • Change in pigment and appearance over time
  • Raised or depressed texture

Stretch Marks

in Fargo, North Dakota

It’s likely that you have some stretch marks on your body. These occur over the course of our lives and are a natural response to rapid growth. However, they can become too visible for comfort sometimes and seem like they’re impossible to get rid of. While there are plenty of products and treatments that promise to get rid of them, they usually don’t work.

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What are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks happen when the skin grows quickly and causes tears in the deep matrix of collagen and elastin under the skin. This results in scars that can appear dark and visible but eventually fade to a whitish or silvery color. They can even have texture and feel raised or depressed. Because stretch marks happen deep under the skin, they can be difficult to get rid of.

For the first time in a year my skin has cleared up. I thought it was never going to get better but thanks to Dr Ness it is 100% better. Thank you dr. Ness and for being such a concerned doctor.

What Causes Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are caused when the skin rapidly stretches to accommodate growth. This is extremely common during events tied to hormones like pregnancy, puberty, weight gain, and muscle growth. It’s believed that some people are more genetically prone to experiencing stretch marks. Some corticosteroids can also cause stretch marks to develop with long-term use.

How are Stretch Marks Treated?

There are generally two methods of reducing the appearance of stretch marks that work best when combined together:


It’s important to be wary of products that promise a reduction in stretch marks. However, some ingredients have shown to reduce the appearance of stretch marks with proper, regular, at-home use. These include hyaluronic acid, retinoids/tretinoin, and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), which should be used early on in the formation of stretch marks.


Dr. Ness provides effective treatment packages for early stretch marks with the following treatments:

  • Cynosure Icon Max G, Cynosure Icon 1540 XD, SkinPen

Stretch Mark Treatment Outcomes

It’s important to understand that, with stretch marks, a complete reduction may not always be possible, especially in faded or non-recent stretch marks. This is because stretch marks are a natural response to rapid growth and it’s not always possible to fade them completely. Treatments and products can sometimes effectively reduce their appearance, making it easier to conceal them with cosmetics. Although there may not be a way to prevent stretch marks, they can be more effectively treated early on in their formatio

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Stretch marks can cause a lot of frustration for patients who feel like nothing works to reduce them. Dr. Ness can recommend the latest in at-home and professional methods to make your skin clear and even. To schedule a consultation and discuss your options, contact our office by calling or scheduling online. 



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