The Vanity Peel Laser

What is the Vanity Peel?

The Vanity Peel treatment uses the Edge CO2 Fractional Laser device using a high peak power, short pulse method that delivers a micro-ablative laser treatment with minimal thermal damage to the surrounding tissue, resulting in increased collagen production and little downtime. This mild fractional ablative laser treatment is recommended to reduce the appearance of fine lines, mild to moderate sun damage, skin laxity, and pore size. Immediately after your Vanity Peel treatment, a feeling of light sunburn and sandpaper-like texture can be expected for a short time. The Vanity Peel is customizable to each patient, resulting in overall skin rejuvenation. Patients can expect a brighter, smoother appearance to the skin after just one treatment.

Vanity Peel Maintenance

Within 1-2 weeks after a single Vanity Peel, your skin will begin to look brighter and feel softer. A series of 3-4 treatments is recommended for optimal results and treatments can be done every 4 weeks. Vanity Peels are an excellent way to achieve smooth skin with little downtime which makes them ideal a couple of weeks before an event, and at least yearly. Results can last months depending on skin condition, age, and use of a medical grade at-home skin care regimen.

Schedule a Consultation

If you’re looking for a rejuvenating laser treatment, we are here to review your options with the Vanity Peel laser treatment. To begin creating your treatment plan, contact our Fargo office by scheduling online or calling our office.



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