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Hair Removal

in Fargo, North Dakota

There are many ways to remove hair on your body. The traditional ways include shaving, waxing, and plucking, which can be very time-consuming methods of getting rid of any unwanted hair. Sometimes, these methods can cause swelling, razor-bumps, and acne-like breakouts. Fortunately, laser hair removal is a new and effective solution. This means Dr. Ness can use laser energy to remove hair for a permanent solution on any part of your body. At Fargo Center for Dermatology, we can treat multiple areas of unwanted hair.

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What is Hair Removal Treatment?

Laser hair removal is a modern way of removing any unwanted hair on your body. It’s performed by a licensed dermatologist who will begin by cleansing the treated area before using a laser to focus highly-intense light onto the individual hair follicles, causing the pigment to absorb the light which then destroys the follicle. During the treatment, you and Dr. Ness will wear protective eyewear. While the procedure is underway, the skin is held taught in order for the laser to treat the area of concern. You may feel some discomfort while the undergoing the treatment, although most patients only experience a feeling similar to a rubber band ‘snap’.

Most patients require a few different appointments in order to achieve optimal results. Typically, 6 treatments are needed in total, spaced at around 6 weeks apart. Laser hair removal is fairly quick, but the length of the procedure changes due to a specific area. For the hair removal process at Fargo, we use the Cynosure Icon Aesthetic Laser Platform.

Lasers Used:

  • Cynosure Icon Max R
  • Cynosure Icon Max Y
  • Diode Laser

Dr. Rachel Ness is amazing! She is extremely caring, experienced, and takes the time to truly address your concerns. I very highly recommend seeing her.

Hair Removal Maintenance

After undergoing laser hair removal treatment, Dr. Ness will give you detailed aftercare instructions. Typically, there is no downtime associated with laser hair removal, but you may experience some minor swelling and redness immediately following treatment. It’s best to stay out of direct sunlight before and after your treatment in order to avoid hyperpigmentation and not damage the treated area. Dr. Ness can recommend the right sunscreen to use. Other after-care instructions including avoiding extreme temperatures following the treatment and not shaving the area until it is completely healed.

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If you have unwanted hair and are tired of shaving, waxing, and plucking, then laser hair removal can be a great solution for you. Contact Fargo Center for Dermatology by calling or scheduling online and set up an appointment to see how you can remove your unwanted hair.

For more information on Laser Hair Removal Instructions view our online resources! 



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