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When it comes to getting the results you’re hoping for, discomfort might be one thing that keeps you away from certain treatments. We want you to get the best results possible with the treatments that fit you best, so we offer the Nitronox™ system so you can relax and embrace the journey.

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What is Nitronox?

Nitronox is a leading nitrous oxide and oxygen analgesia platform to help manage discomfort and anxiety during medical and cosmetic treatments. It can comfortably deliver a fixed mixture of half nitrous oxide and half oxygen on an as-needed basis that you control. This means you can customize your doses to your unique needs during your procedure.

How Does Nitronox Work?

Nitronox administers a fixed blend of 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen so that you get the appropriate mixture of each. This can greatly help to reduce anxiety and discomfort without putting you to sleep or putting you fully under anesthesia. Nitrous oxide has been in use for over one hundred years during medical procedures and has a long-standing safety record, so it’s perfectly safe and effective.

I have seen Dr. Ness since the day she opened. History of basal skin cancers and she takes care of me and my entire family. My family even comes from Bismarck to see her. I LOVE her new line of skincare, especially vitamin C and tinted sunscreen! She is the BEST and my kids love her.

What Can Nitronox Be Used For?

Nitronox provides relaxation and comfort during many of our procedures that might cause patients anxiety or discomfort. During your consultation with Dr. Ness, you can discuss your preferences for Nitronox during your treatment.

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Nitronox can be the difference between great results with your chosen procedure and an uncomfortable experience. To get started on your treatment options and how we can make the process more relaxing and enjoyable, contact our Fargo office by calling or by booking online.



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