Pigmentation Conditions

  • Moles
  • Melasma and Birth Marks
  • Acne Scarring
  • Sun Spots
  • Blood Vessels
  • Rosacea


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Most everyone has some spots on their skin that stand out from the rest. This is a normal occurrence, but it can affect your cosmetic goals if it’s unwanted. In most cases, pigmentation can require some professional treatment, and laser systems now stand out as one of the best options.

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What is Pigmentation?

Pigmentation usually occurs when the skin produces too much melanin that localizes in one spot. Normally, melanin gives your skin its natural color. By targeting the melanin cells, laser treatments can effectively reduce the appearance of pigmentation.

Brown Spots

These most commonly come in the form of moles or melasma, which are brown patches that occur on the skin. Exposure to sun, the process of aging, or acne can also leave brown spots which appear darker than the rest of the skin.

Red Spots

Sometimes, reddish spots can manifest on the skin for different reasons. These are most often caused by vascular changes which result in visible redness. These are caused by things like dilated blood vessels, rosacea, and cherry angiomas.

Pigmentation Conditions

Vascular Conditions:

  • Blood Vessels
  • Rosacea
  • Cherry Angiomas
  • Hemangiomas

I've been going to Dr Ness for 5 years. I have a family history of melanoma and she takes great care of me. As an extra bonus, I started using her skin care products a few months ago and my skin looks better than it has in years!

How are Pigmentation and Vascular Lesions treated?

During a consultation with Dr. Ness, she can assess your anatomy and cosmetic goals and select the right treatment for you.

Brown Spots

  • Cynosure Icon Max Y, Cynosure Icon Max G, Cynosure Icon 1540 XF, SkinPen, Chemical Peels, Iridex Varilite laser, Vantage Coolglide 1064 NM Laser
  • Cynosure Icon Max G, Cynosure Icon 1540 XF, SkinPen, Chemical Peels, Topical medications by prescription

Red Spots

  • Cynosure Icon Max G, Iridex Varilite laser, Lyra laserscope laser

Pigmentation & Vascular Spot Prevention

One of the best ways to prevent new pigmentation and vascular changes from appearing is through regular sunscreen use. However, pigmentation as a result of vascular changes can be harder to prevent, so it’s important to discuss your treatment options with Dr. Ness. These steps, coupled with a laser treatment package, can be one of the most effective methods for reducing the appearance of your pigmentation/red spots and keep your skin healthy and clear.

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Pigmentation doesn’t need to define your look, so be sure to discuss the latest and best in laser treatments with Dr. Ness during a consultation. To schedule an appointment, contact Fargo Dermatology by calling or scheduling your appointment online.



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