Sclerotherapy for Leg Spider Veins

Many people suffer from unwanted spider veins (small veins on the legs). These are both easily visible through the skin and cause many people to feel self-conscious. Spider veins are aesthetically undesirable, they can also be painful. At Fargo Center for Dermatology, Dr. Ness and her team offer Sclerotherapy to help treat spider veins.

What is Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is a very popular treatment for spider veins. This treatment is minimally invasive and can help resolve symptoms that are related to the spider veins. Dr. Ness uses advanced, effective techniques that will help to efficiently minimize spider veins. Most patients see a noticeable change within a couple of weeks. Some may take up two months to see the full results from the sclerotherapy treatment.


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How is Sclerotherapy Done?

The sclerotherapy procedure is typically done in-office at Fargo Center for Dermatology. There is minimal pain with this, so it does not require any anesthesia. During this 30 minute treatment, patients will lie on their backs with their legs elevated. The treatment area will be cleansed, and Dr. Ness will use a very fine needle to slowly inject a solution into the vein. The solution irritates the lining of the vein, causing it to swell shut and block blood flow. Once the needle is withdrawn, Dr. Ness will apply compression and massage the area, dispersing the solution. The number of injections depends on the size of veins being treated. The veins will start to fade away after the treatment and patients will notice results within a couple of weeks.

Recovery from Sclerotherapy

Patients will need to wear compression stockings or bandages for one to three weeks in order to keep the pressure on the treated veins. Most patients are able to return to all normal activities following their sclerotherapy procedure. Dr. Ness will talk you through all of the recovery details as well as any possible side effects from this treatment. After several treatments of sclerotherapy, if there is any residual small leg veins (spider veins) that do not respond, the team at Fargo Center for Dermatology has a specialized laser to treat those remaining spider veins.  

Schedule a Consultation

If you are tired of dealing with spider veins, you no longer have to! Dr. Rachel Ness and her team at Fargo Center for Dermatology are trained in the latest advancements and technologies for spider vein treatment. They strive to provide their patients with beautiful results with effective treatment. To make an appointment, call the office or schedule online.

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