• Pigmentation
  • Redness
  • Wrinkles and Rejuvenation
  • Scars
  • Stretch Marks
  • Hair Removal

Cynosure Palomar ICON Laser

The Cynosure ICON laser aesthetic system offers an option for nearly every patient. This device comes with multiple handpieces for a comprehensive laser device. This system includes industry-leading IPL and laser therapies. At Fargo Center For Dermatology, we offer the Cynosure Palomar ICON Laser to treat various skin concerns for our patients in Fargo, North Dakota.

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What is the Cynosure Palomar ICON Laser?

Cynosure Palomar ICON laser system using IPL, laser therapy, and has a live melanin reader. This is the only laser system to use a live melanin reader which makes it a safe, effective treatment. Depending on what needs to be treated, a different handpiece will need to be used. The treatment will vary for each patient depending on their skin type, concerns, and goals. By speaking with Dr. Ness and our staff at Fargo Center For Dermatology, we can create the customized Cynosure Palomar treatment for each patient.

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What Can the Cynosure Palomar ICON Laser Treat?


Pigmentation concerns in the skin can cause an aged appearance and can make it hard to cover up. With the Cynosure Laser, we can provide patients with evenly toned skin by heating the dermis to rejuvenate the skin cells.


This laser system can treat rosacea and redness. It works by targeting the unwanted vessels in the skin. The energy delivered from the system causes the vessels to disappear through the body’s natural healing process. This reveals clear skin.

Wrinkles and Rejuvenation

Cynosure ICON Palomar laser can reduce the look of wrinkles, crow’s feet, fine lines, and facial veins. The laser energy penetrates the skin’s dermal layers and stimulates the body’s healing processes. This rebuilds the tissue, collagen, and elastin which reduces aging signs.


Unwanted scarring causes people to look older and feel self-conscious about their skin. With this laser treatment, those scars can be left behind, and smoother skin will be revealed. The laser targets and breaks down scar tissue. The energy will cause the scars to slowly disappear as the skin heals itself.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks appear for a variety of reasons, puberty, pregnancy, and weight fluctuations can all lead to the stretching of the skin that causes these lines to appear. The Cynosure Laser treatment can target and break down the stretch marks. The energy stimulates the body’s healing processes which allow the stretch marks to disappear.

Hair Removal

Laser hair removal can help to save the time spent on shaving, tweezing, waxing, or plucking the unwanted hair on the body and face. The Cynosure laser targets and destroys the hair cells that cause hair to grow without damaging the surrounding skin. This results in long-lasting, hair-free skin.

Cynosure Palomar ICON Laser Maintenance

For laser treatments, most patients will need a series of treatments spaced over a few months to get the best results. The Cynosure Palomar ICON Laser can have dramatic results even in just one session. Our team will evaluate the needs and goals of each patient to recommend the best laser therapy for their specific needs. We will also go over some steps to take for long-lasting results and beautiful skin. We offer many in-house skincare products to help maintain the results.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are looking for skin rejuvenation to improve the health of your skin, then meet with Dr. Ness and our team in Fargo, North Dakota. We offer the Cynosure Palomar ICON Laser to treat various skin concerns and conditions. To get started, contact our office by phone at (701) 205-0756 or by booking online.



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