Virtual Visit

Fargo Center for Dermatology’s Clinic Operations are temporarily changing due to COVID-19; please read below for important information.


What is a Dermatology Virtual Visit?

A virtual visit is an interactive real-time dermatology video visit from the comfort and safety of your home.  A provider will evaluate your condition in a virtual exam room, make a diagnosis and care plan, review care instructions, and have your medications (prescription or non-prescription) mailed directly to your home if needed.

How will I get connected with your office for a Virtual Visit?

There are several ways to connect to us for a virtual visit. When scheduling, we will work with you to find the best option.

1) Facetime, Google Duo, or Google Hangouts, Skype, etc., are easy ways for us to connect with you; however, these options are not considered HIPAA compliant. Still, they are allowed by some insurance plans and the government during the pandemic.

2) If you are connecting to us with a desktop computer, you can gain access through your patient portal at

3) If you are using your smart device (Tablet or Smartphone), you can access us through our secure and HIPAA compliant application. You will need to download the PocketPatinet App from one of the links below.

On Google Play Store

On App Store

  • To use the app or the patient portal, you will need access. When you book your virtual visit, one of our staff members will guide you through the process, if this method of connection works best.

4) Another HIPAA compliant option is to connect through an email link that is generated securely through our website. If this option is selected for you, you will receive an email link to click on at the time of the appointment.

Why are there so many options for connecting to a Virtual Visit?

We are providing options because we know that not everyone has the same access to technology.

Does insurance cover Virtual Visits?

More and more insurances are expanding coverage for virtual visits, and many cover these visits the same as an in-person visit. Make sure to email the front and back of your insurance card/s to our secure email at or text a picture of both sides to 701-212-5151; if there are any concerns with your insurance and coverage, we will contact you before your appointment

Do I need to do anything before my Virtual Visit?

Please complete your patient registration on your secure patient portal before your visit (make sure you are using Chrome or Firefox as your browser). Also, please make sure that you have a helper available if you have an area of concern that will be difficult for you to show the provider on your own.

What if the provider determines that I need an in-person visit?

If the provider determines during your virtual visit that you need an in-person office visit, charges for another office visit WILL NOT OCCUR when you come in for the same concern. Billing will occur if any treatment, biopsies, or surgeries are needed, or new concerns get addressed with the provider.


Please check-in from your car; we want you to feel safe and secure from the comfort of your vehicle while waiting for your appointment. Call 701-478-8780; a staff member will check you in and notify you by phone when the nurse is ready for you. Once called, we will escort you to a sanitized exam room, you will not wait in a lobby with other people.

Before the appointment, please notify us immediately if  any of the following are true:

  • If you have or have recently had a fever higher than 100
  • If you have a cough
  • If you have traveled in the last fourteen days outside of North Dakota or Minnesota
  • If you have been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 or anyone that has symptoms of COVID-19
  • If you are over 65, immunosuppressed, or if you have been advised to self-quarantine by another healthcare provider

Is your office open to the public?

We are limiting in-person traffic to keep our staff and community safe.

We want everyone to feel safe and secure if they do need to come into the office, so we eliminated unnecessary traffic through the clinic, such as vendor visits, deliveries, and other non-essential tasks.



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