Why Winter is the Best Time for Laser Treatments

As we age, our skin serves as our best line of defense against all the elements. Whether it’s sun damage, wrinkles, age spots, or stretch marks, our bodies slowly become a map of the lives we live. For many, these blemishes become a source of insecurity, leaving a person longing for their clear skin back. Luckily, modern technologies like laser treatment offer a great solution to this issue.

However, you may find yourself struggling to plan for your laser treatment, and wondering when the best time is to start. Fortunately, we’re willing to share our best insider tip: schedule your treatments in the winter.

What is Laser Treatment?

Laser treatment, or laser therapy, is a cosmetic procedure that focuses light on a small area of tissue to eliminate imperfections. Laser treatments allow for less pain than surgery and rarely result in scars. There are various forms of laser treatments that you can find listed below, and each of them is designed to target a different issue. Some of the issues laser treatment can target are wrinkles, unwanted body hair, sunspots, scars, or hyperpigmentation.

Why Choose Winter Treatments?

When it comes down to it, laser treatments are effective during any time of the year, but winter offers the most ideal environment to recover in. Laser recovery is not intensive, but it can be uncomfortable– planning for winter treatments can help ease that discomfort in various ways:

Less Daylight

One of the biggest rules for laser treatment recovery is sun protection. Ultraviolet rays damage our skin all year, so we must take extra steps to protect it while it is healing. Since we naturally stay inside more during the winter, we protect our skin from sun damage more than in the other seasons.

Cooling Environment for Irritated Skin

Immediately after treatment, some patients may experience a sunburn-like sensation or feel extremely warm. As a result, patients are sometimes encouraged to use a cold compress on their faces to curb these sensations. The cold winter air provides a natural relief to any initial sensitivity or warmness.

Best Suited to Pale Skin

Many lasers are not suited to darker or tanned skin tones and can make treatments can be less effective in the summer. Waiting until winter for treatments and avoiding sun exposure will guarantee your problem areas are as visible to the laser as possible.

Who Needs Laser Treatments?

Anyone who is in good health and has prepared for the process can be a candidate for laser treatments. The issues that laser treatment can address vary far and wide, so you will need to discuss your goals and problem areas with Dr. Ness.


Resurfacing lasers work by creating microscopic wounds in your skin to encourage collagen production as it heals. Ablative fractionated CO2 lasers can be used to remove unwanted textures, wrinkles, visible pores, and irregular skin tones.

Line Rejuvenation

There are a variety of laser treatments available to treat wrinkles, like ThreeForMe, CO2 Resurfacing, or Cynosure Icon Lasers (***Cynosure is the laser brand- includes ThreeForMe treatment; handpieces include IPL and 2 non-ablative fractionated handpieces). Cynosure Icon treatments are among the most popular options and can treat unwanted pigmentation, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a professional solution to permanent hair reduction. Several sessions will be required in order to keep hair follicles from coming back, but this treatment can be used for any unwanted hair on your face, chest, back, legs, or bikini line.

Pigmentation Correction

Whether your pigmentation manifests in the form of sunspots, acne scars, or rosacea, laser correction can help. Depending on the cause and severity, you may be recommended a variety of different options, but among the most common is a Cynosure Icon treatment.

Scar Treatment

Laser treatment is a common form of scar treatment and can be used on all types of scars. This treatment option results in little downtime usually.


The Iridex VariLite Laser is an infrared light beam treatment that heats the blood vessels in spider vein tissues. This heat then eliminates the blood vessel clearing the appearance of spider veins.

Stretch Marks

Laser treatment sessions are a surefire solution to fading Stretch marks’ appearance, and in conjunction with treatment, a medical-grade topical product can be beneficial.

Where Can I Find Laser Treatments?

Finding the right practice to schedule laser treatments with can feel daunting, but we are here to help. At Fargo Center for Dermatology, we offer comprehensive medical care with a welcoming staff ready to answer all your questions. Dr. Ness is an expert board-certified dermatologist, committed to making her patient’s dreams come true. If you are seeking the best experience that laser treatments have to offer, schedule a consultation at Fargo Dermatology.