Spray Tanning

Most people prefer the glow and appearance of a suntan, but sun exposure is harmful – not to mention scarce in North Dakota through the fall and winter months. Tanning beds significantly increase your risk of skin cancer and should be avoided. Spray tanning is an excellent option for those who want a glow without the harmful UV rays.

What is Spray Tanning?

Spray tanning involves spraying a fine mist onto the body. Using the Infinity Sun system, the tanning solution is sprayed over the body using airbrushing technology. The team at Fargo Center for Dermatology can carefully select and adjust the blend of the tanning solution to result in a shade that is both natural and flattering. The whole treatment can be completed in only a few minutes and results typically last a little over a week.

Spray Tan Maintenance

To help a spray tan last longer, there are a few steps to take both before and after the appointment.

First, it is best to exfoliate the skin and shave before your spray tan appointment. To help the solution apply evenly and stick to the skin, we recommend you do not have oil-based moisturizers or deodorants on your skin at the time of your appointment.

After your spray tan, your aesthetic specialist will provide instructions on post-tan skincare and showering the following application. In the days following the treatment, keep the skin moisturized to prevent the tan from fading. Finally, while your spray tan looks like a natural tan, it can’t protect you from harmful UV rays. Remember to continue applying SPF as necessary. View our treatment instructions here!

Schedule a Consultation

Spray tanning is a great way to achieve a glowing tan without damaging your skin. To discuss your sunless tanning options or schedule your treatment with an aesthetic specialist at Fargo Center for Dermatology, contact our Fargo office or call 701-203-9852.