How PDT and Blu-U Light Can Help Acne

Acne can be one of the toughest skin concerns to treat. If you’re exploring your options for clearer skin, then partnering with a board-certified dermatologist can be one of the best steps to take. At Fargo Center for Dermatology, we offer PDT and Blu-U light, two technologies that can achieve noticeable results. Here’s what to know about these options and how they can help.

What is PDT?

Photodynamic therapy, or PDT, is a combination treatment that uses medication and light energy to control skin activity in specific areas. It works by administering a photosensitizing agent which causes the affected cells to become reactive to light energy. Light energy is then applied to the area, causing the skin to react. More specifically, it’s thought to work by shrinking the skin’s oil glands, moderating bacteria levels within the pores, and helping the skin shed dead skin cells. It can be used for a variety of severe skin concerns including chronic acne.

What is Blu-U Light?

Blu-U Light is another laser light technology that works by controlling the bacteria in the skin that commonly causes acne. Treatment involves administering blue light to the skin to effectively kill bacteria and reduce breakouts. It’s a great supplement to your at-home acne regimen or other professional aesthetic services.

How Can PDT and Blu-U Help Acne?

PDT and Blu-U are relatively new acne treatment options. They both work by controlling cellular activity and getting rid of acne-causing bacteria. This is a different approach than many other acne treatments which typically include regulating hormones, exfoliating dead skin cells and debris, or boosting skin cell turnover with topical medications like retinol. Some patients don’t find results with traditional acne treatments or aren’t compatible with the side effects, making light energy treatments a worthwhile option.

What to Expect After Treatment

Both Blu-U and PDT work best as a regular treatment regimen monthly, and Dr. Rachel Ness can recommend the best at-home skincare from our full line of physician-grade products. After PDT and Blu-U Light treatments, it’s best to wear SPF 30+ to prevent sun damage since your skin may be photosensitive. Our team will give you detailed aftercare instructions on how to get the most out of your light therapy treatments.

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