5 Reasons You Should Include Retinol in Your Skincare Routine

Retinol is a popular ingredient in skincare products. It is a synthetic derivative of vitamin A and falls under a category known as retinoids. Retinol was first designed as an acne treatment, and the ingredient is known to improve healthy skin cell turnover and prevent the pores from becoming clogged. It can be found in numerous skincare products with a range of strengths. This product will help the skin feel smoother and appear brighter but can cause anticipated reactions when first introduced into your routine. For this reason, it is best to ask a dermatologist for a recommendation based on your skin type and avoid using retinol products every day until your skin is fully acclimated to it.

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Dr. Ness has recently released a new retinol product through her Dr. Rachel Ness Medical Skincare line. This product, Retinol 10X + Bakuchiol Serum, is a great option for discoloration, fine lines, enlarged pores, and more. Continue reading to learn the five benefits of using this serum and other retinol products.

1. Retinol Effectively Fights Signs of Aging

Retinol is one of the most-studied ingredients when it comes to anti-aging benefits, and one of the few that has been proven to be effective. Retinol can reduce common signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, or sunspots, and age spots. When used earlier in life, retinol products can also help to prevent or delay signs of aging.

2. Retinol Creates an Even Skin Tone

Retinol helps to speed cell turnover, resulting in exfoliation. This allows for the removal of dull, dry, or damaged skin cells, revealing brighter and more even-toned skin. These new, healthy skin cells will create a more even and bright complexion.

3. Retinol Helps Reduce Acne

While many people think of retinol for its anti-aging benefits, the ingredient was first developed to reduce acne. Dry, dead skin cells can clog pores and cause acne. Retinol helps to chemically exfoliate this pore-clogging debris, which helps to both clear existing acne and prevent future breakouts. Over time, this can also help reduce your risk of acne scars.

4. Retinol is a Cost-Effective Option

While some retinol products may seem like a splurge, adding retinol to your normal routine is an overall cost-effective solution. Cheaper options typically offer less effective results that don’t last as long, meaning you may eventually need to try more expensive treatment options to get the results you are looking for. Retinol products are therefore a good investment in your skin.

5. Retinol Products are Widely Available

You can find retinol products both over-the-counter and as a prescription. Patients with more severe skin concerns may be recommended to try a prescription, but for most people, over-the-counter products will create the results they want.

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