Microneedling and Aftercare Instructions

Microneedling is the name of an aesthetic treatment that’s getting a lot of attention lately. People everywhere are turning to the procedure as a means of appearing and feeling younger and fresher than ever. Microneedling can be suitable for people who have concerns that pertain to fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, and acne. It boosts collagen production and also makes it easier for the skin to recover in general.

Washing Your Face Properly

Washing your face is something that’s unavoidable. If you want to optimize the effectiveness of your microneedling procedure, then you need to employ a cleansing formula that’s notably mild. Steer clear of any harsh options. Steer clear of water that’s immoderately cold or hot, too. Employ the combination of a mild formula and lukewarm water for roughly three days in total. Wash your hands thoroughly prior to making any contact with your face whatsoever.

Moisturizing the Skin

Sections of your complexion that were affected by microneedling may feel particularly dry for a while. This isn’t in any way a typical. If you want to accommodate this, then you can do so by employing hyaluronic acid. This acid is an ingredient that can be great for moisturizing applications. It can be wonderful for getting your complexion’s harmony back on track as well.

Staying Away From the Sun

The ultraviolet rays that are given off by the sun aren’t exactly delicate. That’s why it’s in your greatest interests to stay away from them for a while after your microneedling procedure. Skin tends to be a lot more vulnerable to the sun’s effects for weeks at a time post-microneedling. If you want to stop unpleasant situations from popping up, you should just say no to being outside under the sun for extended stretches of time. Be sure to put a mineral sunblock on your complexion any time you go out during the daytime as well. Refrain from doing so right after your treatment, however. People tend to be set to employ mineral sunblocks once full days have gone by.

Concentrate on the Recovery of the Complexion

If you wish to take full advantage of your microneedling treatment, then you should concentrate on the full recovery of your complexion, period. It may be beneficial to put on a product that’s chock-full of antioxidants that can nourish the skin thoroughly. Antioxidant formulas are able to calm down and pamper the skin. They’re even able to minimize irritation. If you want to promote speedy skin recovery, then the consistent help of a formula that includes antioxidants can be priceless.

Say No to Makeup for a While

It can be tempting to put a full face of makeup on shortly after microneedling. It’s never a terrific idea, though. You should refrain from putting on any and all kinds of makeup products for a minimum of one to two full days. Putting makeup on can interfere greatly with your skin’s attempt to recover completely. Cosmetic brushes also have the ability to harm skin that’s trying to recover. They also sometimes include bacteria that can make you a lot more vulnerable to possible infection. If you want to bounce back after your microneedling treatment, then pure caution is always optimal. Call the Fargo Center for Dermatology for information. Dr. Rachel Ness is a microneedling specialist that can discuss your concerns and determine if the treatment is right for you.