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Hair and Nail Diseases

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Although the hair and nails aren’t traditionally part of your skin, your dermatologist can still address them when they become affected by certain conditions. Sometimes, conditions that affect your hair and nails can be indicative of other health concerns, so it’s important to have them assessed by a board certified dermatologist promptly.

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What are Hair and Nail Diseases?

There are many different diseases that affect the hair and nails, causing them to stop functioning and growing as they should. Although the hair and nails might seem like they are merely cosmetic, they play an important role in protecting your skin and body. Here are some common hair and nail diseases.

Hair Diseases

The most common hair conditions are forms of alopecia, or hair loss. This can have many different causes, from autoimmune responses to symptoms of a health condition to simple genetics. It can also occur in varying degrees, from hair thinning to complete baldness.

Additionally, infections that affect your follicles can cause discomfort and require treatment with your dermatologist. This is often called folliculitis.

Nail Diseases

Whether you regularly maintain your nails or not, it’s important to keep track of changes in your nails, including color, thickness, and growth. These can be indicative of greater health problems, or it can mean your nails have become infected. Most often, these are fungal infections.

It’s also important to make sure that your nails are free of any dark spots underneath them, as this can be a sign of skin cancer.

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What Causes Hair and Nail Diseases?

Because there are so many different diseases that affect the hair and nails, there are many different causes. Some may be genetic or linked to another health concern, while others are the result of an infection. Whatever your hair or nail concern, Dr. Ness can determine the cause and recommend the right treatment options for you.

How are Hair and Nail Diseases Treated?

Your dermatologist can recommend the right treatment options for you during a consultation. At Fargo Dermatology, we offer many different options and products to help treat your concerns and leave your hair and nails healthy. Some products might include our in-house line of hair-growth products, antibiotics to treat infection, or anti-fungal products for everyday use. Additionally, Dr. Ness can perform nail bed removal to treat recurrent infections of the nails or to perform a biopsy. This can be performed at our state-of-the-art facilities in Fargo.

Hair and Nail Diseases Maintenance

To effectively treat your hair or nail condition, it’s important to follow your treatment steps given by Dr. Ness. This might include regularly using products at home or scheduling professional treatments at our office. In some cases, practicing good hygiene and avoiding bacteria and fungi can be effective in preventing some conditions from happening. With anything, early treatment is best and most effective.


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During a consultation with Dr. Ness, you can discuss your best options for treating your hair and nail concerns. To schedule a consultation, contact our Fargo office by calling or filling out our online form.



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